vCenter Active Directory Authentication

By | October 29, 2020

In my previous NetApp blog post, I demonstrated how to use Active Directory (AD) Authentication on my NetApp ONTAP OTS tightening up Security.

A prerequisite is to have Administrator Privledges to Join vCenter to your Windows Active Directory (AD) and its a good practice to have / create a Security Group ‘VMwareAdmins’

From the Home Screen, Click on Administration.

Under Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Click on Configuration
  • Click on Active Directory Domain
  • Click on Join AD

Join Active Directory Domain

  • enter Domain details
  • enter User and Password

After you successfully Join the AD, you must Aknowledge and Reboot vCenter.

After vCenter has Rebooted, you must now Configure the Identity Source.

  • Under Single Sign On (SSO) Click on Configuration
  • Click on Indentity Provider
  • Click on Identity Sources
  • Click ADD

Add Identity Source

  • Enter Domain Name (HDC.LOCAL)

Set Identity Sources

  • Select the Radio Button of the Domain
  • Click on Set as Default
  • Accept and Click OK

Create / Use the VMwareAdmins Security Group from your AD

  • Assign Authorized Users to the Security Group

Add Authorized Domain Users / Security Groups

  • Under Administration Click on Global Permissions
  • Click on the + icon and Add the User / Security Group

Click the Domain Drop Down Icon

  • Select your Domain Name
  • Add your Users / Security Group
  • Select the Role
  • Tick the ‘Propagate to Children

Now that you have added your authorized users / Security Group, lets log out using the ‘Administrator@vsphere.local’ and use an Authorized AD user.

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